Frappe Technologies

As a technical writer, my job is enabling small business owners to implement and use Enterprise Resource Planning software by creating a comprehensive resource for them.

The Gamesage

The Gamesage is an Indian gaming content portal, where I write about the gaming industry, reviews, previews, and opinion pieces with a heavy focus on indie spotlights and representation.


I worked as a marketing intern and then as an independent consultant for Bloomstack - an open source ERP software which provides specialised tools for the cannabis industry. I was responsible for technical documentation writing, branding, etc.

Cobalt Arts

A company that curates art exhibitions, hosts workshops, lectures and makes use of various interactive mediums to promote art in India. I briefly worked with them on social media management, user base interactions, public outreach, along with curating and fine-tuning existing content.

Havmore Insurance

Havmore provides risk management products, integrated services and solutions. I worked with them on content curation and fine-tuning, along with social media management.

1018mb Expo Media

1018mb is an on-demand movie screening platform with a reach across India. I worked there as an intern. My dayto-day responsibilities included social media management and marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), content curation, customer service and website management.

Other Freelancing Projects

I have worked as a freelance contractor for a private individual, writing for a mailing list about stock market trends, wherein I ensured that the content had a witty element to it and was enjoyable to read.

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The name's Indrani. I'm a Mass Media student with a passion for gaming, reading and – you guessed it – writing. I consider myself an intersectional feminist. In my free time, I write a blog called Able Naari, where I talk about women's rights, LGBT+ issues, mental health and more. I specialise in content ideation, writing, editing, digital communications, and proofreading.

Find my CV here, and if you'd like to reach me, head to my contact page.

And remember ... nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak!

Able Naari

A play on the Hindi term abla naari ("helpless woman"). Here I explore intersectional feminism, and talk about women, mental health, LGBT+ issues, representation, and other things I'm passionate about.

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